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May 28, 2013!

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"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"
- Mary Oliver



"The benefit of working with Jill is that she listens well and helps to clarify your thinking through incisive questioning. She is extremely professional, caring and thought-provoking. She is able to see situations from your point of view and step back to offer alternative ways of looking at things. With Jill's help I was able to eliminate things that were draining my energy and get excited about my career field again."
~ Robert D., Marketing Manager

“I feel very comfortable disclosing anything to Jill. She listens well, but also gives immediate feedback as a result. She strikes a balance between holding me to my commitments and keeping a friendly relationship. What a difference a small adjustment in the way I conduct my day could make to my enjoyment of life. I've stopped rushing. I recommend her highly.”
~ Chris G., President, Financial Advisory Firm

"Jill’s messages, tools, and especially questions have been very thought-provoking. I have experienced very positive changes in the way I think and feel about my day-to-day life. I can take several of the 'lessons learned' into the future as a foundation for continued growth and happiness. Her efforts have been invaluable for me. Jill is a great coach, but more important, a remarkable individual and a wonderful friend."
~ Ben H., Consultant, Global Consulting Firm

“Working with Jill I have developed a better understanding of myself and my strengths and weaknesses. I have been exposed to the concept of visualizing and the positive role it can play in my life. Jill is very perceptive and usually can determine an area that I would like to work on before I become aware of it myself. You realize that you are truly working with a pro and someone who has a passion for what she does.”
~ Charlie S., CPA, Firm Partner


“My coaching experience with Jill has proven to be a rewarding and wise investment. Through working with Jill, I have made great strides in my career while working on personal balance. I have become more confident in my abilities to lead others, manage change and take risks. I have become more comfortable in focusing on my goals and priorities. Our sessions provide me with the framework to review opportunities and challenges, and then assess action-oriented solutions. I value our partnership and appreciate Jill’s feedback and accessibility. By working with Jill, I have learned to believe in my potential, to leverage my strengths, and to make the time to enjoy my accomplishments.”
~ Valerie M., Excecutive, Global Healthcare Products Company

"I realized that many of the pressures I feel in my life are self-imposed and if I just lift some of them off myself, a lot of stress goes away with little or no consequence. That perspective is a direct result of my work with Jill. Few people are lucky enough to have someone like her to help them realize what life has to offer. I am one of the few."
~ Matt R., Technology Business Owner

“I'm spending more time with active and interesting people, including a couple into serious bicycling, which I've been doing more of lately. I'm walking lots of golf miles, putting me in great shape and I'm feeling good. For the first time in about 3 years I began doing some projects around home, and I feel good about that. Now, I've made a major move in my career, which is largely due to my work with Jill.”
~ Robert S., Senior Officer, Insurance Company
(former executive with Big 5 firm currently Senior Executive,Specialty Law Firm)


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