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Helping individuals and organizations realize their unique vision of success.

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Personal Coaching -

for individuals seeking coaching

Coaching is what individuals do who are ready to focus on their growth, and step up to the success that they deserve. The support, sounding board, accountability and insight gained in personalized coaching sessions are the core to this advanced development process. With an objective and truth-telling partner, individuals reach for more and at a much greater pace, than they would on their own.

Most sessions are conducted over the phone, and there are multiple sessions per month. We work out a customized plan that is right for you.

Contact Us for more information about the process, fees and a complimentary session for prospective clients to assess appropriate match.

Take the Coaching Readiness Quiz to see if the timing is right for you.

Personal Coaching Can Help You To:

  • Gain clarity and direction
  • Identify strengths and passions
  • Design and execute a career or life transition plan
  • Be a more effective leader
  • Enhance communication and relationships
  • Access greater confidence, peace and fulfillment
  • Better manage and grow your business
  • Take on and tackle a big project or dream

BCS Personal Coaching Clients Are: Highly-motivated professionals, executives, managers, business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches and people in transition. They want to have it all without sacrificing their souls in the process.

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Corporate Coaching -

for organizations seeking coaching for their managers or leaders

Coaching is what organizations do when they want to catapult themselves to exceptional levels of success. Unlike organizational development, training, strategic planning or the initiative-of-the-year alone, coaching offers a sustainable result. In one-on-one sessions with a certified coach, executives get the individualized support, candid feedback, sounding board, and most important, the action plan and follow-through to accomplish their goals for success.

Contact us to discuss customized programs, fees and services that will meet your unique needs.

Corporate Coaching Can:

  • Develop high-potential employees
  • Enhance leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Reward and therefore retain top performers
  • Improve performance and increase productivity
  • Provide an objective sounding board to leaders
  • Help employees reduce stress and lead more fulfilling lives
  • Bring out the "coach" in executives, managers and team-leaders
  • Create a compelling vision that motivates and delivers results through people

With a coach as a partner, and a process in place, the leader naturally develops greater self-confidence, willingness to take risks and advanced personal and professional growth.

The beauty of the coaching process is that the organization and the individual both win. When a person's fulfillment is enhanced, so too is performance.

BCS Corporate Coaching Clients Are: Performance-oriented individuals, such as Executives, Officers and Managers, Teams and other Groups, and Corporate and Organizational Boards.

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Other Services

  • Seminars
    All BCS workshops are interactive, action-oriented, and for the purpose of creating positive change. Contact us to discuss how they can be used as motivation or retention tools for your organization. Customized seminars are available upon request.
  • Speaking
    Available for company, organization or conference engagements, as break-out, meeting guest, or key-note speaker. A variety of career, business or life topics are available. Contact us to discuss topics and formats that will work best for you. .
  • Specialty Topics and Signature Programs include but are not limited to the following:

Oasis in the Overwhelm – 60 Second Strategies for Balance in a Busy World
Based on the original book and work by Millie Grenough, and the associated guidebook by Grenough, Kravitz and Berquist, this program or workshop conveys four proven strategies to change your response to stress and your life. These stress management tools really take only 60 seconds or less and can be used immediately in your daily life at work or at home for transformational results to gain control over stress and greater peace of mind. More info

Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction™
This program is available in a one-on-one or group format, and is based on the work of renowned coach Laura Berman-Fortgang. The Now What?™ Coaching Program combined with my coaching is an intuitive and yet very practical system that guides you to the career or life direction that will be the most productive and meaningful, and helps you create an action plan to get there. This program is perfect for anyone at a life or career cross-road, whether you are seeking to stay in an existing field, change your profession, re-enter the work world, plan for retirement or are anticipating any other life transition. More info

Smooth Transitions in Turbulent Times - Overcoming Pitfalls and Accessing Purpose, for a Successful Life Transition
From years of transition experience, I have noticed common mistakes people make in the midst of change. In this workshop you learn how to think carefully and remain true to yourself during these chaotic times. In a presentation or workshop format, participants will learn the 6 key mistakes that transitioners make, and the solutions that can impact a successful result. Relevant to our times, ideas are shared to inspire a more purposeful, and prosperous career or life change.

Doing What Comes Naturally (based on the Managing For Success™ tool)
Based on highly validated survey from TTI International, the results create a custom report showing unique work and communication styles, value to the company, areas to develop and strengths to leverage. Individuals, teams, or participants in a workshop can benefit from becoming aware of their potential strengths, tendencies, and blind spots, for the sake of enhancing professional relationships, productivity and fulfillment.

The Power of Attraction-Creating Exactly the Success You Want
We all know people that seem to attract opportunities into their lives and who are great to be around. At any given time, any of us have that same ability to tap into that positivity, and create exactly what we are seeking. Based on the concept that our beliefs and actions create our reality (attraction!), participants will understand how they are ultimately the one in the driver’s seat to their life journey. The power of visioning is applied, and when we ground that vision in our practical world and make the changes to align with it, the attraction cycle can go into motion right away.

  • Facilitation
    You’re the experts on your business. It is our business to help you focus on your business as fully and effectively as possible, by moving the conversation forward. Facilitation is available for any type of meeting or event such as Retreats, Board Meetings, Strategic Planning Sessions, and Visioning Sessions.

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