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May 28, 2013!

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Coaching Readiness Quiz

Are You Ready for Coaching?

Please rate each statement from 1-5, on how true it is for you right now,
1= Not True, 5= Very True

1. I am highly committed to my personal development.
2. I can be relied upon to take the coaching process and myself seriously, and to show up for sessions prepared and on-time.
3. I am willing to think beyond my own assumptions and challenge the status quo.
4. I can be truthful with myself and with my coach.
5. I can ask directly for what I want and need from the coach and this process.
6. I am prepared to reach and stretch, to set and achieve new standards and goals.
7. I can create space in my life to take the actions and do the thinking that coaching will require.
8. I have the funds to pay for coaching and will not regret this investment in myself.
9. I want to live a fulfilling, purposeful and balanced life, and believe this is possible.
10. This is the right time for me to incorporate coaching in my life.


Quiz Scoring Key

10 - .20 Not ready for coaching at this time.

21 - .30 Could be ready for coaching. We would want to discuss your results.

31 - .40 Very likely ready for coaching! Let's explore it further.

41 - .50 Ready for coaching! I hope to hear from you.

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