OASIS In The Overwhelm - Stress Management Programs

with Jill Berquist, Authorized Oasis Coach and Co-author of OASIS in the Overwhelm 28-Day Guide

In these chaotic times, how is stress impacting your life? Do you have a sense that life would be better if you could gain greater peace in the midst of overwhelm? Do you want to be less scattered and more productive? Do you know that with a healthier response to stress you could have a completely different impact on those around you, at work and at home?

At a time when we really want “quick hit” solutions for our complex issues, OASIS in the Overwhelm is a set of strategies that can offer a simple solution. Using any one of them, right away you really can alter your state from chaos to calm. The beauty of the strategies is that they:

  • Are easy to learn and use
  • Can fit anywhere into your day and situation
  • Can be done in under 60 seconds
  • Bring you an immediate results

And with practice, you will even rewire your brain so that your old reactions to stress shift so you can choose better in the moment and gain more control. We know more control means less stress! OASIS strategies have helped people from all walks of life find greater peace and happiness.

Coaching, speaking, workshops and a tele-seminar package are available to give you access to these elegantly simple and effective stress management tools. A train-the-trainer program is also available.

Email to oasis@berquistcoaching.com or call 860.659.5829 and inquire about a solution that will meet your needs.

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