Now What?™ Career and Life Transition Programs

with Jill Berquist, Authorized Life Blueprint™ Coach

Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction, is an established and exciting transition program based on a book and system by renowned coach Laura Berman-Fortgang. It is ideal for those embarking on a career or life change, yet unsure of how to move forward.

Whether you engage in a one-on-one or group coaching format, the pairing of this book/workbook structure with Jill’s career and life coaching expertise, provides a practical and personal approach that can yield transformational results.

The best candidates for this program are anyone:

  • Questioning their next personal, career or business direction
  • Re-entering the work world
  • Contemplating or planning for retirement
  • Experiencing some other significant life change
Now What

Upon completion of this 3-4 month program, you will:

  • Identify and address obstacles such as any self-imposed limits
  • Decipher clues from your past to shed light on your future
  • Distinguish WHAT you do from WHO you are
  • Define your criteria for happiness, satisfaction and meaning
  • Discover your life purpose or unique Life Blueprint ®
  • Address any money issues to make your transition easier
  • Creatively explore possible scenarios for achieving your chosen path
  • Create your support team
  • Design an action plan to achieve the new direction you have discovered

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This proven system will help you gain clear focus and take action on the next RIGHT direction for you.

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