"There is only one success---to be able to spend your life in your own way. "
~ Christopher Morley

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May 28, 2013!

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I am so excited to invite you to my
People With Purpose Community!
Free monthly calls to help you get on
your right path and live with your greatest impact.

Are you a hard-working, high-performance professional at a crossroads, with big questions about your future? Are you yearning to...

  • squash stress or burn-out to reclaim your sanity, focus and energy?
  • discover and get on a path that fully expresses your talents and passions?
  • be successful while living with greater peace, meaning and impact? (what I call soul-based success)

I have been there myself and know first-hand none of this is easy to do alone. Thatís where I come in. As a career management and transition expert, I help you unearth and design your unique vision of success that includes these important elements. It will be so aligned with who you are, you'll be compelled to take action on it and make it real.

Quantum leaps occur when you make a decision and act, so resist procrastinating. Please consider what brought you here -- because I know something did.

The time is now to explore your unlimited possibilities.
I can't wait to hear from you. Contact Us for more information about the coaching process or a complimentary session.

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